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I'm Joseph Savant, photographer and moto adventurer. 

I just completed an amazing motorcycle journey to the tip of South America from Alaska, exploring and photographing all the way. I hope you enjoy the blog!


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© 2017 by Joseph Savant

Patagonia Bound!

A photo adventure from Alaska to the tip of South America

After a nine month, 30,000 mile motorcycle journey through Alaska, the West and Mexico,

follow along as I ride solo from Mexico to the tip of South America!


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January 17, 2018

The time in Lima was mostly spent within a block or two of the hostel. For some reason I had no desire to explore the city. Most of the moto travelers with us were relaxing and re-thinking as well. It was a chill time for all of us. Some other moto travelers staying at...

October 17, 2017

Our goal for the next day was San Juan del Sur, an oceanside town not too far away and we landed in a great resort.

Spent a couple hours in the pool waiting for official check-in, then cooled down in the AC and watched the rain.


Later took a free shuttle to the sleepy...

October 16, 2017

The morning in Granada was spent taking a boat tour of "Las Isletas" again with the Three Amigos Canada. I'd planned to ride the bike down the coast and take the ferry across to Ometepe Island, formed by two volcanoes, however the weather prognosis wasn't good so I bai...

October 13, 2017

After a leisurely breakfast I wandered the streets. Granada has a good feeling. Overall it's as if I'm on some sleepy Carribean island, forgotten in a corner of the world. This place feels further from the U.S. than any country so far, which makes sense as it is on my...

October 11, 2017

The rain was bombing heavy all night and I awoke at 6 am sharp to an intense siren. I waited for an earthquake or tornado but nothing happened. Maybe it was an old official wakeup alarm to call the workers to arise and work the farms for the glory of the revolution or...

October 10, 2017

So I left this morning in good mood, having slept well in the rustic hotel in Danli. It was a good place and a tiny bit rough about the edges but enjoyable - the staff and host were super nice.

It was warm but the breeze felt good on the bike as I rolled toward Las Mano...

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