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Updated: Dec 7, 2020


The morning in Granada was spent taking a boat tour of "Las Isletas" again with the Three Amigos Canada. I'd planned to ride the bike down the coast and take the ferry across to Ometepe Island, formed by two volcanoes, however the weather prognosis wasn't good so I bailed and took the boat again to see the monkeys. It was a nice relaxing ride in the little boat.


Monkey spotting

On our way back to the house we'd rented, the taxi drove through the lakeside park and I got to see an old school motocross race for a couple of minutes. Apparently the city built a NX track in the park and it was fun watching a bit of the races. They were older 80's/90's vintage two strokes and not a vintage race, just what the locals were riding.

The line of folks waiting to try and sell crap to me while I try to eat lunch at an outdoor cafe...

The evening was spent walking the streets in the still heat, which drains the heck out of you I can attest.

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