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I'm Joseph Savant, photographer and moto adventurer. 

I just completed an amazing motorcycle journey to the tip of South America from Alaska, exploring and photographing all the way. I hope you enjoy the blog!


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© 2017 by Joseph Savant

Patagonia Bound!

A photo adventure from Alaska to the tip of South America

After a nine month, 30,000 mile motorcycle journey through Alaska, the West and Mexico,

follow along as I ride solo from Mexico to the tip of South America!


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January 23, 2018

The next morning in Chalhuanca, I awoke to a freezing cold room and overcast skies.

My gear was still wet from the previous day's soaking and was excruciatingly cold to slip into for the hotel breakfast, which consisted of a piece of bread, butter and jam. It didn’t hel...

January 18, 2018

We left the heat of Nazca after getting an opportunity to speak with the DR rider, who was doing an oil change in front of the hostel. He was a Romanian guy living in California and had ridden to Canada with a friend to begin the journey to Ushuaia. He’d gotten sick in...

January 17, 2018

The time in Lima was mostly spent within a block or two of the hostel. For some reason I had no desire to explore the city. Most of the moto travelers with us were relaxing and re-thinking as well. It was a chill time for all of us. Some other moto travelers staying at...

January 11, 2018

The next morning after some fitful sleep, it felt good to find some of the clothing dry from the last few days of rain. I’d laid all my gear and electronics out on the bed to air out from the rain and condensation and luckily everything was dry from the warmer temps.


January 9, 2018

The next morning I awoke in the cold, a single shaft of sunlight streaming through the hole in the wall, a bright orange spot on the faded green wall. Outside a rooster crowed, one of the only roosters on this entire trip to properly crow at sunrise and not 3 in the mo...

January 8, 2018

“Mucho cuidado. Mucho cuidado!” the old man said.

He had come up to me to inquire of my route into the town, looking at the filthy bike and shaking his head at the road we’d taken in the night before.

Arriving in Huaraz after riding Cañon del Pato the day before, we’d he...

January 7, 2018

I woke up very early and couldn't get back to sleep for a while, posting a simple report and planning the day. At breakfast with Ken, Chip and Ward, we three discussed plans. KC and the Sunshine Band were going for family near Lima and Ward decided to follow me. I'd mi...

January 6, 2018

The previous evening, Ken, Chip, Ward, and I had gone out for dinner and had a great time. Phil was a no-show, he and Ward having gotten separated at some point. He did not respond to messages, however I saw that he was online so we knew he was okay. We retrieved the m...

January 5, 2018

Since Phil and Ward were heading south and I was still unsure about the bike, I decided to skip the eastern crossing which ended into the mountains of Peru and go for the more major road in case of failure.

Phil, his KTM and The Beast 

Ken and Chip caught us the next mo...

January 4, 2018

After a month of time spent in Cuenca, due to the conflux of the motorcycle breakdown, parts having to be shipped from the US and the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I was spent from the stress and expenses. My timeline to reach Ushuaia in February before the bad we...

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